Come on in. It's hot as hell.

It all started because we got rid of cable. Well, I should say we got rid of cable so we could be more active and productive members of our community. And because I was a slave to the box, a downright addict, and cold turkey was my detox of choice, mostly because I don’t think they have a methadone-type solution for those of us jonesin’ for “My Super Sweet 16” reruns. As much as I bitch about what’s going on in the world, I sure as hell wasn’t doing much to change it, and TV wasn’t helping. Without my weekly television watching, I knew I’d have more time for reading, volunteering, and activism.

So we started working on the Jeff Smith campaign, as many of you know. And, although it technically involves The Box, we started watching a shitload of political documentaries thanks to Netflix. If there are two things that will stir a person to become a more active participant in democracy, it’s hearing Jeff Smith and Howard Zinn speak. Jeff Smith, because he is trying to make it in politics without compromising his values or playing the political game, and Howard Zinn, because he has been an activist and grassroots organizer for true democracy his entire life and has facilitated people changing the world.

(Just wait, I swear I’m making a cohesive statement)

Among other things, I realized that so many of my intelligent, articulate friends have no idea what the fuck is going on in the world. Noam Chomsky says that the government and those in power want it that way, and they’re doing a damn fine job. Around the time I’m having this epiphany, my MySpace blog reached 1,000 hits. Granted, that’s the same 50 people who have ever read my blog, but 50 people is 50 people . And y’all will read about my boring-ass social life. If I have something real, something of substance to say, I would hope you would read that, too. You’re here aren’t you?

So here’s the deal—new blog. Same sarcasm. Same funny stories from South City. Same pop culture recommendations and commentary. If Paris Hilton shows her cooch, I’m finna’ say somethin’. But more politics and social commentary, in plain, hopefully interesting, hopefully funny, language. No student stories, unless relevant to a point I’m making, because I refuse to be censored and I’m not going to give anyone a reason to try. If you like it, keep reading. Forward my URL to your friends. Hopefully we’ll start some conversations, open some eyes, and call people to action. I ain’t Carrie Bradshaw and I’m not Arianna Huffington. I’m just the same shit-talking, opinionated-as-hell, voracious-information-seeker representing Iowa that I’ve always been, but now I’ve got a more-focused purpose. This is just one small piece of what I’m going to do to try to change what’s goin’ on. And if I’m wrong, call me on it. I don’t claim to have all the answers, unless it’s the World Series of Pop Culture, in which case, step off.

Holla back.