A Tiny Glimmer of Hope

What's that smell? Is that the smell of...VICTORY? A victory unlike anything Dems have experienced in the past, oh, ten years? The first major victory in my career as a voter?

I went to bed disappointed. The early numbers, at least for Missouri, were grim. I was tired, and Chris was glued to the TV, so I went to sleep, knowing he would wake me up. And he did. When his alarm went off at 2:30 so he could pull out the laptop and check the numbers, after which he freaked out and woke me up to tell me that Talent had conceded, Amendment 2 had passed, and nationwide, things were looking good. I was as excited as I could be when someone wakes you up at 2:30, but I got up early to check the stories.

I'm still in shock. I'm in shock that Dems took the House so convincingly. I'm shocked that we still have a chance (and a good one, at that) to take the Senate. I'm shocked that Amendment 2 passed. I'm shocked that Prop B passed so handily. My entire adult life, Republicans have ruled everything. I wonder how (or even if) things will change. I think the biggest sign of hope is not that leadership will change, it's that America is ready for a change. This looks to be an exciting time in our country's history, and I hope this election inspires people to become active in their communities to continue to make changes. I also look forward to Bush's reaction to everything. Dude is going stutter and sweat like a 7th grade persuasive speech.

Not to neglect the OTHER important news of the day.

Finally Britney is in on the inside joke the rest of the nation has been laughing at. I think so much more highly of her now. Hopefully she'll give him a bus ticket back to Fresno. That, or he'll find another woman to pop out two shorties with.


Dan Z. said...

Voting Nerd Alert! (I transferred my "I just voted" sticker from yesterday's outfit to today's).
ps. Today keeps getting better

Shannon said...

I even voted in Springfield, oOOooo

Anonymous said...

Raise your hand if the leading gubernatorial candidate in your state can also be easily googled greased up in a purple thong on a body building website!? Nevermind the Mexican laborers doing the crabwalk over the borders in the thousands, or the extremely poor air quality affecting the lives of elders and ashmatic youth alike. If Arnold is the prescription for a Red California, then bring on the Pelosi connection! GO Dem's!
Nessa in Cali

Geoff said...

I'm sooo glad that the Republican stronghold is now over. I look forward to higher taxes, weaker national security, increased welfare, the absence of traditional values as we know them, the disintigration of the family, granting amnesty to over 12 million illegal alines, and enless criticism of our troops. I'm looking forward to the next two years.

In '08 it will be great to see Bush go and find a president that has no backbone and bases his or her policy on the poll numbers.

Clinton/Pelosi '08

KBO said...

Yeah Geoff, but you and Jack might be able to get married legally.