On The Road Again

Chris and I are leaving Friday to head up to Minnesota. We're first going to Eastern MN to spend the weekend with Molly and Abby at Molly's parents lake house. Monday morning, Chris is dropping me off in int Twin Cities so I can start my week-long class at the University of St Thomas. It's the first of my core classes that I'll take with my cohort, the group of people that I'll take most of my classes with. I'm excited and nervous, but I know it's going to be transformative. Hopefully, I'll be able to post, but I'll be pretty busy, becoming an intellectual while simultaneously saving the world.

Keep me amused with stories from home. Or Alaska. Or Europe.

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Matt said...

Not sure if you knew it, but I am in Europe with work right now. I started a blog on blogspot. It's http://mattandstephsoco.blogspot.com. And, if you did know and that was the purpose of your post, please mock me shamelessly. Leaving for Vienna in about 20 minutes and flying to London to meet Steph for a week in London/Paris. Have a fun trip yourself.