Weekend Update

I've had a great couple of days, minus the drama of Friday. Our star player decided it would be cool to participate in a walk-out orchestrated to protest the terribly oppressive regime's decision to not have Field Day this year. Unfortunately, it was the day of our last game, the conference championship, and she and 50-some other kids were suspended. So Friday was drama and emotion filled, as situations with teenage girls are wont to be.

Thursday I went to Wilco at The Pageant, which was unbelievable. I went with my friend Mike, who was my college soccer coach and all-around Cool Guy. We had fun and drank some beers and listened to the sweet setlist:

1. Sunken Treasure
2. You Are My Face
3. Hummingbird
4. Ashes Of American Flags
5. Company In My Back
6. Handshake Drugs
7. Pot Kettle Black
8. A Shot In The Arm
9. On And On And On
10. Misunderstood
11. Far, Far Away
12. Impossible Germany
13. New Madrid
14. Jesus, Etc.
15. California Stars
16. Walken
17. I'm The Man Who Loves You
18. Heavy Metal Drummer

Encore 1:
19. Spiders (Kidsmoke)
20. Hate It Here
21. Kingpin

Encore 2:
22. Passenger Side
23. Red-Eyed And Blue
24. I Got You (At The End Of The Century)
25. Casino Queen
26. Outtasite (Outta Mind)

Friday, Chris and I went and saw Prince Caspian, because I am totally a Narnia dork. It was really well done and visually cool, except for the very end when they used a contemporary pop song with lyrics for the final poignant scene, which I found to be stupid. It was as if in the final scene of a Harry Potter movie, they played Sarah McLaughlin's "I Will Remember You". Totally anachronistic.

Yesterday, I visited the Tower Grove Farmers market for the first time, where I got some asparagus and plants. Chris and I later rode bikes up to Tower Grove for his kickball game. They needed a female player, so I guest played for them. Later, I went to our own Team Awesome game, where not only did we win big, but I kicked a triple AND we were filmed for Channel 11's Team of the Week for The Fan Show. Set your Tivo for 9:30 so you see just how awesomely ridiculous Team Awesome is. We even won a Papa John's pizza party.

Capping off the day, we went to Wilco, again, this time meeting up with Reverend Emily and Big Dan. Show wasn't as good, mainly because I was tired, and my poorly-chosen-but-cute shoes hurt my feet somethin' fierce, but the highlight was meeting in person with one of my blogging community friends. Rebecca from The Prologue of My Life and the St Louis Bloggers Guild attended all three shows and knew I'd be down on the floor. She came down and found me (by looking for the White Girl 'Fro, of course) and we spent almost 15 minutes talking. I have to admit, it's a little intimidating, meeting people whose relationship has been strictly internet-based, but meeting Rebecca alleviated my fears as we got along quite well because she is what I like to call "The Shit". Although when I went back to Chris, Rev Em, and Big Dan, they asked where I had been for 15 minutes, and when I said, "I was talking to my internet friend," I did get some weird looks and fake-lisp riddled comments. To those people, I say "Suck on these nuts".

Chris took some photos at the show.


Matt & Steph - The STL said...

Just a question..you keep saying conference championship. Was it your conference championship or district championship? I think you mean district, but I could be wrong, unless Brentwood is also in your league, too.

Sorry about the walk-out...I saw the boxscore, looks like you played them tough.

Our trivia team is set..although we will be horrible, we will be using the next two weeks to brainstorm a good team name. That's all I've got. See ya Kelli.

KBO said...

It was conference. Both our conference games against Brentwood got rained out, and we had no other choice to play after districts were over.

Rebecca said...

You crack me up: "I was talking to my internet friend"

You'll have to fill me in on what the hell the crazy ladies were doing down there last night, what with the security guards and the gal flipping Tweedy off. There was nothing better than when he flipped her off right back during Theologians. Love the photos Chris took, especially the first one.

I'm so glad I got my lazy ass up and came down to meet you!