Hoo Boy!

Tuesday's Green Options post (which I thought was actually pretty simple and not full of anything new or particularly clever) ended up on the front page of Digg today, which attracts all the trolls who think that attempting to do things that are less harmful to the environment means you are hippie scum that deserve to die. To think that I had the audacity to suggest handing out something other than candy or using a cloth bag to hold trick-or-treating goodies! When people are mean about shit like this, I really just want to tell them to suck it and not to waste so much time reading articles from Digg that they clearly have no interest in. Seriously, really? You have nothing better to do than read posts about trick-or-treating from a relatively obscure website about sustainable living when you hate sustainable living? That would be like me getting on a blog about Mac shit written by some dude in Ohio and talking shit about said dude's opinion of Apple's repercussions for those who unlocked their iPhone. Lame. But that's just me. Keep hatin'. It brings traffic to the site, sucka.

Like I said in my response, it's amazing to me that for all the things people feel a call to action for in this country, all the stuff that we have to be outraged about, my post on TRICK-OR-TREATING raised hell. Wait until I post pictures of my "slutty Jesus" Halloween costume.

Gotta go. I gotta read about Nelson Mandela being in prison for 25 years for nothing.


meg. c said...

speaking of SUCK IT. I was watching that lame - America's Most Smartest Model and this Russian Dude on there said (in terrible english) - "If they don't like me for my great body and beauty they can just suck it!" I about died, while thinking of you and the rest of dinner club.

Kendra said...

I loved your Halloween post! Also Jeff told me to be sure and check out your bloggy, as it's nice and sarcastic and has swear words and all. And books and edukation and veg and St. Louis stuff.

Slutty Jesus!!!!