Futile Protest Songs

Officially, the kids have gone batshit crazy. I'm holed up in the Writing Center hoping for little-to-no customers. In honor of this totally productive and worthwhile day (and to avoid doing any real work) I made a new playlist in honor of my student's protests to "LET US OUT!" Like I make any real decisions around here. See as follows.

The Sound of Settling--Death Cab
Lost Cause--Beck
Selfless, Cold, and Composed--Ben Folds Five
Roll With It--Ani DiFranco
Drown in My Own Tears--Jeff Buckley
Great Escape--Guster
Waiting for the Sun--The Jayhawks
Mystery of Iniquity--Lauryn Hill
Happiness Is a Warm Gun--The Beatles
Dear Valentine--Guster
Don't Stop Believin'--Journey
It's Not My Cross to Bear--The Allman Brothers
Rise Up With Fists--Jenny Lewis

1 comment:

...Banter said...

apparently valentine's day takes precedent over trivia night? your team was hurting without you...

will catch you sometime this weekend, i'd imagine.