One More Day

Here's a bit of awesomeness: getting sick on the last school day before spring break. My head is all congested, I'm starting to get a lump in my throat, and I still have soccer practice and a presentation at the board of education meeting tonight. Blah.

Real news on three fronts. Starting tomorrow, the writers at Green Options are in competition for bonuses (i.e. mo' money) for which posts can get the most unique hits. Each blog post is eligible for bonuses every pay period. Green Options is a really awesome website that's just getting started in terms of features readers can use to green their lives. We have content for super eco-freaks and for those just getting started. My column is every Tuesday and Thursday, with a few other in between sometimes. This coming week, I'm also doing a DIY on Wednesday on building raised garden boxes out of salvaged doors. So, if you haven't already started reading my green-living blog, please start now, from every computer you come in contact with. I would be so grateful. I would be even more grateful, so much so that I could be persuaded to throw another trivia night, if you would pass this info along to your friends/fam/MySpace/Facebook/blog readers.

Secondly, Earth Day is coming up (April 22nd). Those who live in the Lou should undoubtedly check out the Forest Park celebration that will take place on Sunday. Before that, however, is April 14th. What's that? That's Step It Up 2007. This dude, Bill McKibben, started a grassroots movement to have nationwide actions to raise awareness of global warming. To date, the largest global warming protest only drew 1,000 activists. Already McKibben has planned activities in every state, planned and organized at the local level by people using Step It Up's website. The NY Times had a huge article about McKibben today that you can read online. To find a protest in your area, check out Step It Up online and then get out on April 14th. In St Louis, there's one at Wash U, one on Delmar, and one at the County Courthouse in Clayton. Chris and I will be out there--I encourage those of you who feel strongly about fighting global warming to join us.

Finally, there's a sit-in happening at Slay's office by SLPS students who object to the state takeover, and apparently, the city used protest-busting tactics like turning off the air conditioning on children. Stay classy, Slay. PubDef is updating constantly.


Shananana said...

first, my spring break is starting today at 6:15 pm due to a bout of poison ivy, my class got cancelled..wohoo...all for sitting on the porch and knitting all week, raise your hand.
2nd. I love Earth Day! thanks for the tip!

Geoff said...

A big shout out to Earth Day, pretty jacked about that. I've been turning off lights and being more green due to your blogging on Green Options. Keep up the great work. But, keep your mind open when reading the NY Times as they haven't been fair and balanced lately. Rudi in '08.

Love the personal blog and website.