The revolution will be televised...

1) Ben and Jerry's has an assload of new flavors, and I've had my eye on Cinnamon Buns for a long time, and they had it at my local Watson/Southwest 7-11. The diggability of B&J's makes it worth the extra $$--they do not fuck around with the additional features of the ice cream. In Cinnamon Buns, the extras are a gooey cinnamon swirl and chunks of cinnamon bun dough (in a caramel ice cream). That shit is delectable. Up next: Creme Brulee. Tell me if you see it at your local grocery store.

2) Did one of my most favorite things tonight for the first time this year: sat on our front porch and chilled. Chris played guitar and we talked about the weather. Four days until spring break, where I will do this constantly if the weather allows. That, and ride bikes.

3) You've got to read about Josh Wolf, a video blogger and freelance journalist who has served more prison time for refusing a court order than any journalist in American history. In 2005, Josh filmed a G8 anarchist protest in San Francisco and aired clips from his footage on a local activist news website. The clips made the rounds on local news. Because Josh knew many of the protesters, Josh was targed by the FBI, who subpoenaed the videos after Josh refused to hand them over. Josh argues that were he to have to give up the tapes that he made in the name of journalism, this will force journalists to cease filming events such as these because they will be afraid that their work will be used to implicate criminals, this will cause distrust between journalist and subject, and that will have a chilling effect on journalists and the freedom of the press. The state contends that Josh is not a journalist so his work is not subject to the same laws as other journalistic works, despite the fact that Josh won the 2006 Journalist of the Year award from the Society of Professional Journalists. (This is bullshit, because if this holds up, it basically says that unless you are a student or working for the man, you are not entitled to freedom of the press, which is bullshit. In the age of legitimate bloggers (myself excluded), bloggers are absolutely journalists, and recording events is what journalists are supposed to do. What happened to reporting what happened?) Josh has been in jail for over six months (he served one month, was released, and then returned to jail when he again refused to hand over the tapes). Read his website/wiki/or blog to learn more about this wrongfully incarcerated man and learn more about how you can help by sending books or letters to Josh, or contributing to his legal defense fund.

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shannon again said...


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meg. c said...

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