Food....Mmmm food.

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Today's Green Options post gives tips for beginners to shopping at Farmers' Markets. The markets are starting to open, and I love, love, love Saturday mornings at the Tower Grove Market, among others. Like I said in the article, your food choices impact the environment as much as your driving habits, and there's no more pleasurable way to "save the earth" than eating amazing local produce.

For those of you in Des Moines, I can't say enough good things about the Downtown Farmers Markets. My parents and I used to go, buy food, and then have bloody marys at the Royal Mile. That's a fine Saturday morning.

For those in St Louis, I personally really love the Tower Grove Market. It is supposedly bigger this year when it opens on May 12th. Hartford is there making smoothies and brewing coffee, there's always yoga classes, you can get bread, eggs, meat, and amazing produce. It's a great community event to support on Saturday mornings.

I also frequent the Schlafly market on Wednesdays, since it's right on my way home from work. It's smaller, but less crowded.

Soulard is a low-cost option, but if you're going for local, most of their vendors aren't, but I still like to go there to get Black Bear Bakery stuff, maybe some fresh pasta, and other things I might not be able to find at the other markets. It's a great atmosphere, but just not completely local.

There's also the Clayton market, the Kirkwood market, which I've been to a few times and would go more often if it were closer, one in Ferg-Flor, and the Green Market in the CWE.

Another great thing about farmers' markets is that the offerings change from week to week depending on the harvest, so each week is different. I urge you to check some of these community resources out.


MP said...

Where's the Clayton market?

KBO said...

It's TBD. They're getting a new market master, so stuff is changing, and I don't think they've finalized a location. Sauce Magazine (www.saucemagazine.com) usually keeps pretty good tabs on that stuff.