Happy Thursday

I'm enjoying a finals-week Thursday with no finals! Nothing to do all day except Advisory. Right now, I'm reading the paper, drinking some coffee and Naked juice (not together) and listening to the 20 best covers of the year, according to Silly Pipe Dreams. Right now, I'm listening to Beth Ditto and Gossip belt out a local favorite, "Careless Whispers". Not as good as a certain money-grubbing karaoke star, but a good way to start the morning. Oooh, now it's Lily Allen covering "Don't Get Me Wrong" by the Pretenders. Check out the list, which I found via my shining pop culture star, Whitney at Pop Candy

I know you're as anxious for the weekend (and holidays) to get here as I am and you have no interest in doing any real work. So why not follow my blogging all day from your cube? That way, you'll have a reason to refresh.

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...Banter said...

pretty decent list!