Lush, Oh Lush

Dear God, I love Lush.

I am not a fragrance type of person. I wore Clinique Happy in high school for about six seconds. Get grossed out when my students spray any type of body spray, particularly Axe, anywhere at any time. The smell of CKone reminds me of ninth grade, and not in a good way. My favorite body fragrances are soap and fabric softener.

But when I lived in Germany, Caroline and I visited a Lush store, and I fell in love with Potion Lotion which smells like spicy carnations. I bought more in Venice, then persuaded my mom to buy me more online from Lush's only US store in Seattle.

I go to the mall maybe two, three times a year if I can help it. But last year, Chris and I happened to be at the Galleria and I saw the Holy Grail: COMING SOON: LUSH. Uncharacteristically, I literally let out a squeal of joy (much like when Chris bought me TiVo and I knew he was the one) and hurried back soon after it opened, only to find that Potion Lotion had been discontinued. I used a few of their other products sporadically, but because I hate going to the mall, I quit, disappointed with the too-soon demise of my favorite skin elixer.

Chris and I went to the Galleria this weekend to see the Golden Compass, and visited Lush for gifts. I fell in love all over again, because they reintroduced Potion as a solid fragrance, a tiny pot of wax to rub on my wrists and then sniff uncontrollably throughout the day. What's even better about Lush is that they are super eco. All of their paper products (catalogs, paper bags, and cardboard boxes) are made from recycled paper. The plastic bags they use to package many of their products are biodegradable, and many of their products are unwrapped, which saves fuel on shipping. All of their products are handmade and vegetarian, many are vegan, they use fair trade products whenever possible, never test on animals and all smell like heaven. Chris even bought me Charity Pot, a pot of lovely-smelling lotion. 100% of the cost of Charity Pot goes to a number of charities, many environmental.

Although they are pricey (be prepared), Lush provides a luxurious ethical choice and I will heart it forever. Go there and make your lady friend's heart swoon.

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