When Jeopardy returns from commercial break and Trebek interviews the contestants, do you think the producers ask the contestants to come up with the most mundane, boring, irrelevant story about themselves? That, or Jeopardy only allows contestants with painfully trivial lives. No pun intended. Trebek just interviewed someone about how they ate a spoonful of salt for a dollar. That was the best you could come up with?


meg. c said...

if you haven't seen the clip of the girl during teen week talking about bears - you must! it has been on the soup a few times - totally ridiculous!

...Banter said...

Salt?!? I swallowed a fetal pig's eye for $55 back in high school. Suck it Trebeck!!!

Susan said...

One of our dear friends took off her shirt for a pack of cigs. and $37. That should have been our first indication that one day she would work in the not-for-profit world.