Last Saturday

My Spring Break was too short. I realized how behind I was in my Policy Development class so if I wasn't cleaning, at soccer practice, or running errands, I've been working on that. Today's the last push--I've been watching Outfoxed, then I have a class to watch, then a crap ton more reading. Since we have practice at 8AM tomorrow (don't even ask) then Easter with Chris's family, I've got to get as much done today as I can. Which is, logically, why I'm blogging as I watch Outfoxed streaming online. No worries, I had a triple cappuccino, so yeah, I'm good.

Chris and the League of Dorks (TM Sports Gal) have their fake draft today for their fake baseball teams. You cannot believe the level of preparation Chris has put into today. He has a leather legal folder full of various highlighted and chicken-scratched lists and printouts that he shuffles about endlessly. He's done at least six fake fake drafts. Yes, he does fake practice drafts to get ready for the real fake draft. Each one takes at least an hour. For the last week, he's had the folder by our bedside. When he can't sleep (possibly due to anxiety about the fake draft) he reviews his fake "research" until he falls asleep. Today, we had to make a special trip to Walgreens so he could get new highlighters for the fake draft. A friend called today while we were on the way to the fake draft (I dropped him off, obviously vaginas aren't allowed into the Fake Draft Batcave) looking for these "lists" because he didn't have a printer. After Chris got off the phone with him, he said, "I can't let him look of my lists. Then he'll know my strategy." I dropped him off at 11:30. As of 6:20, the League of Dorks are still pouring over their fake draft magazines and fake research and making their fake picks for their fake teams. Actually, by now, they may be debating their new fake teams and thinking about possible fake trades. Who knows?

I was stupid enough to try to go to the mall. It was one of those days when you have to drive around to find any parking spot, let alone a close one. Too many people stress me out, for reals. I was looking for a dress for a wedding next weekend. Found something cute, cheap, and made of organic cotton at H&M, but I've got to dress it up for the wedding.

Oh, the best part of today was that my laptop died. Well, it won't go past a gray screen with an icon of a file with a queston mark. Mac.com says that is no good. Bye bye, hard drive. Didn't back up recently, either, so I could be totally screwed. Luckily, it's not my computer. Sorry, school tech department. Hope you can fix it.


Rebecca said...

OMG Jeff totally does fake sports too. . . his favorite is winning the fake World Cup with his friends on PS2. You have no idea the level of macho craziness that is involved with winning fake games (Or perhaps you do.) They get seriously indignant when I refer to their fake championships that stem from their fake wins in their fake sport.

Also, you're not alone. Jeff's phone died today too. First, it only held a charge long enough for a three minute conversation. Then it stopped beeping to alert him to text/voice messages. Now, his phone rings, but he can't hear anyone on the other end; nor can he see anything on his screen. Made for a lot of fun when I was trying to figure out how many White Castles he wanted tonight.

Jaelithe said...

Our laptop has developed a tine, solid blue line down the middle of the screen. That's in addition to the fact that the power cord is currently being held together with solder and electrical tape.

This would be why we were out shopping for a new laptop the other day . . .

As far as your hard drive issue, if all else fails: Spinrite.


Jaelithe said...

(Oh BTW if you do use SpinRite, you'll have to remove the hard drive and stick it in a PC. Or the techies at school will have to do that.)

Susan said...

Kevin's laptop died also...and by died I mean someone broke into his house last night and stole everything. Bastards.