Snow Day. Psych.

Really, truly, and honestly, my school district is the only district in the entire St Louis city/county area that is in school right now. Right now, as fat flakes of snow fall and cover everything in a beautiful blanket, our teachers are trying to figure out what to do today while other teachers (including Chris) are snug in their beds. I had a great new project to start on in Creative Writing--we're working on personal narratives and other types of creative non-fiction, and we're going to have our own StoryCorps, with the kids interviewing each other about a significant event in their lives and recording them into podcasts. However, only ten kids showed up today. I'm not about to start something new and then have to explain the whole thing all over again tomorrow. So we just had catch-up time today.

The kids in my first class were freaking out about having to be in school, particularly as the snow fell harder and harder. I tried to assure them that they were safe and we'd probably let out early, but they were convinced that it was about to go Donner Party up in this bitch. One girl actually said, "I dare someone to try and steal my kidney."

More later. Things are pretty low-key around here with only about 50% of kids in attendance and the rest getting out early because their parents are worried about them.

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Rebecca said...

hmmm. . . i think you've totally just spilled where you work--- would love to hear your thoughts on the district. although you probably won't do so in such a public forum.