Trivia Night

Many people have asked if and when the third semiannual Backyard Trivia Night will take place. But of course! Chris and I are waiting for Spring to get here for real to set a date, but likely early May. We've got some ideas cooked up to liven things up, but it will, as always, rock your face off. If you have any suggestions for categories, inter-round events, prizes, or keg types, please comment. Start thinking about your team name and brushing up on useless facts via the Random Article generator on Wikipedia.

On a related note, Dan Z, who you may know as one member of the original winners of Backyard Trivia Night, the Champagne of Trivia (with Picklehead and Crusher-Destroyer) or as a kick-ass artist, recently featured an homage to trivia in his weekly RFT comic Amazing Facts...and Beyond!, including a shout-out to Backyard Trivia via highlighting a question about the Golden Girls theme song, which came straight from my brain.

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Susan said...

Why not follow your neighbor's suggestion from last year: "Sex Trivia!"