Burrito Overdose

I finally did it.

I overdosed on burritos.

I thought it could never happen. I though I could happily tuck in meal after meal of glorious Chipotle or Qdoba without ever tiring of the yumminess, like that guy who tried to eat Chipotle every day to lose weight (??). I lambasted Chris when he said, "I don't feel like burritos..." for the first time. How can you not feel like burritos?

But it happened.

See, what had happened was, I ate Chipotle twice in two days when I went to Minneapolis. It's generally part of my routine: when I get downtown, I hit up Chipotle during the time between getting off their light rail from the airport and when my class starts. Or, on our Saturday class lunch break, a group of my classmates and I will grab our favorite combination of goodness. But I did BOTH in less than 24 hours. My Chipotle standard is a vegetarian burrito, half the amount of rice and black beans, two scoops of tomato salsa, a bit of tomatillo salsa, cheese and guac, thank you very much. Actually, I just switched to a burrito bowl with chips instead, because I was feeling feisty (in case you could not tell by by reckless burrito eating).

Still feeling good after two in two. But Friday, a mere week after the binge, Chris picks me up from my rained-out game and says we're going to Qdoba before we hit up Mokabe's for the Break the Silence party. My standard vegetarian queso burrito, half rice and black beans, salsa verde and double pico, cheese and guac just didn't sit right. Couldn't even finish it.

It's over. And we just got a Chipotle in the Loop, too.

It's not you, burritos. It's me. It's just a break. I just need time to figure some things out. Then I'll be back. I need you to trust me on this.


Stephanie Pfaff said...

Is this the Apocolypse? First the Great Earthquake of '08 and now this? I don't believe this is even possible! I'll have to see it for myself before I believe it. I'm going to gorge my gluttonous self with the deliciousness until I believe you. Qdoba queso = a lil' bit of heaven. (My capcha is "mxqco". Get it? Mexico? That canNOT be a coincidence!)

Susan said...

"It's not you, it's me?" Next thing you'll be telling the burrito is that you have "mental and emotional problems." I think I can be of service...make an appointment at the therapy center and bring two burritos.