Friday Funtime From the Archives

My colleague just reminded me of a crazy student we used to have who once sent him a paper via e-mail. From his e-mail address: bigassdick@yahoo.com

I swear this is true.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't the information from this post as well as the post below where you "vent" about students be quite enough for students and the school to figure out exactly who you are by reading this blog?

Is that a good idea for you to do, career wise? Is that ethical?

KBO said...

Thanks for the "concern".

I know some regular readers were able to figure out where I work from posts. What is my district going to do, not renew my contract again? I quit caring the minute my school showed me exactly how loyal they were to me. If I was coming back next year, I'd show more discretion, but I'm not, and based on the circumstance of my leaving, I doubt they'd push the issue of free speech unless they want me to push back.

And seeing as I have little interest in going back into the classroom, I'm not too worried about my career.

As long as I'm not using student names, I'm not really concerned.

I know it sounds horrible, but I really just don't care any more. When I am fully free of the grasp of my district, I can write more about it so people can see exactly what goes on here and how I came to this point.

jyoseph said...

In the meantime, this is pretty good/hilarious reading so ...

Stuck in my head said...

A lot of what you will remember is the negative, but please do remember all the good, too. Even if it is the laughable students and their ig'nant comments, socks filled with soup cans, shit on buses, etc.

But be sure to remember all the students you have touched. The ones who will find you and tell you how easy college is or how they are going to study environmental issues, or start to live and eat better because of the things you have said and taught. Also think of the students who push to be better for their kids or not stay with men who suck because of the relationships you have had with them.

And don't forget the grown folks you've touched to.

For everyone else... just let them suck it, kiss it, and shove it on your way out in May.

Keep sharing the comedy that is our job.

Anonymous said...

I think the world needs to hear on a regular basis all of the things that are said and done in our schools. I think that if you really believe that the children are our future and the public looked inside some of our schools they would find lots of kids aiming to become the next Whitney Houston, Britney Spears and Michael Vick. There is a shroud of secrecy around dysfuctional districts for a reason. They don't want taxpayers to know exactly how poor student achievement is in comparison to neighboring districts. They tie the hands of teachers who speak out and write you a letter of recommendation which pawns you off on the next district. Why? Because most of the administration in a district as screwed up as the one I reside in only feigns concern for the well being of students. The alternate line of thought is they only care for the students in their district because they are more than happy to ship mentally deranged teachers on to become the problem of someone else. I think a healthy district would have professional forums for teachers to voice their concerns or "vent" without risk of losing their job. In some districts, like mine, the union is a joke and is more likely to get you fired than help you. I also think that students or "the school" who has enough time to surf for random blogs might need to have a mirror held in their face. Maybe they need to see what ridiculous statements students are making in the classroom or to each other. I think that on the long shot that a student would actually find out that a statement they made ended up on this blog and was the source of amusement for so many people that a small amount of humility might be healthy. That being said, define ethical..........in a district where students have sex in the hallways, steal from their teachers, parents are fighting at the bus stops, students are pregnant with their second baby, teachers are sleeping at school and kids smoke pot in the men's faculty restroom I think they have bigger fish to fry.

KBO said...


Raquita said...

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