Yeah, so unbeknown to me, I was in an earthquake this morning. I woke up to the bed shaking. In my post-wake haze, I thought Asher's tail was hitting the bed, which it is want to do. Then I thought it was Chris having some leg spasms. I hit him, like I do when he snores, steals covers, or is talking in his sleep. He didn't react, so I just rolled back over and went to bed. Was getting ready this morning and saw via Twitter that there had been an earthquake. In St Louis. Glad it didn't happen during the school day.

This minor quake did not deter me from boarding a plane to Minneapolis via Chicago. I had pleasant travels, including my first coffee in a week, a cup of the new Starbucks house blend. So it was just one cup, no big deal. I plan on keeping with the green tea most days, though.

Really had a crazy week. Soccer was horrific. Although we escaped 2-1, we dropped a game to a team we previously beat, basically because we showed up five minutes before game time. Then, our bus driver got lost trying to pick us up (despite the fact she has taken us to this field multiple times) and we sat at the field for thirty minutes waiting for her. Good times. In our next game, the girls forgot the balls, and, although we managed to pull off the win, one girl on our team got a concussion and one girl got a broken nose. Oops.

I've got class...gotta run.

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Rebecca said...

I was wondering if you were still in town for the quake or if you missed out on the fun. We did have a pretty significant aftershock late morning. But I'm really just commenting to tell you I giggled when I read that you hit Chris, because that's what I'm prone to do to Jeff as well. That or just shake him like crazy until he stops snoring.

I woke up to the bed shaking and the windows rattling, Jeff bolted upright, I said "what the hell is that?" and then we both rolled over and fell back asleep. Perhaps this is why we shouldn't have children; we're apathetic in emergencies.

I'm assuming Asher is a dog? What kind is s/he??