4th of July, Iowa-Style

I am back from Iowa, and I'm still recovering. This is due to:

1. Practically non-stop drinking. Both brothers work in the alcohol industry, three major parties and a concert. You tell me.

2. Lips show rocked my face off. Mad props to the organizers of 80/35. It was a really nice festival. Des Moines is much hipper than it used to be. I can't imagine an event like this happening while I was living there. Also saw Andrew Bird, who was awesome.

3. Other than aforementioned concert, every party I went to--two 4th parties and my mom's 50th birthday bash, played almost continuous country music. No one thought this was odd except Chris and me.

4. Two words: Lee Greenwood.

Big Ed put up a darn near circus tent in the backyard for my mom's party. I half thought he was going to walk a tightrope. My parents own more red, white, and blue serving platters than is necessary for any ten households, let alone one.

My parents also bought me a shirt with this guy on it:

which you wouldn't understand unless you grew up in Des Moines during the 80s or earlier.

On tap for this week: I turn 28, JP's bachelorette party in Chicago, writing a paper on Curriculum and Ideology, pontificating.


Stephanie said...

I'm so mad I didn't hear Lee Greenwood once this fourth. Not once.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh. Big Ed. And Kim. So great, did you play dominoes and get a ridiculous shoulder sunburn?

So great!

Anonymous said...

that was v. from cali. see you soon! happy early b-day. glad you are coming. good times. wait to detox until NEXT week :-)

Mom said...

First of all - I borrowed a lot of those red, white and blue dishes.
2nd - I'm still waiting for the elephant to show up.
3rd - How come you can take decent pictures for your blog but I put you in charge of taking pictures for my party and ----you suck Honey - not one good picture!
4th - What's wrong with country music and Lee Greenwood on the 4th?