Hot or Not

Briefly, Things That Are Awesome:

1. Going to Niche for my birthday dinner with Chris tomorrow, then to the Muny. I've never been to the Muny, but I've been to Niche before (also for my birthday) and hopefully I won't lick the plate and embarrass myself in front of those fancy pants people.

2. Lush reissued Potion Lotion, which I purchased today.

3. The movie War Dance. A hopeful, beautiful, moving documentary following school children living in a refugee camp in Uganda who are competing in a national music competition. Get thee to your Netflix queue.

Briefly, Things That Are Not Awesome

1. Clothes shopping. Ugh. I feel like such an idiot. Will someone tell retailers everywhere to rid themselves of fluorescent lights in fitting rooms. They'd sell a lot more clothes.

2. The humidity of St Louis. But I don't have to tell you that.

3. Lady cramps. Sorry.


Gregg said...

The Muny is really cool...even when it is hot! You should enjoy it. The difference between The Muny and Broadway is largely scale. Where most Broadway theaters aren't really that big, the Muny and the Muny stage is huge. It requires a different approach to fill the stage on some shows.

My family has had season tickets for, I think, 7 years now. My two kids love it, too. My eldest tried out this year, but didn't make it.

Crafty and Crap said...

Dang comment got eaten. Muny is great. I prefer buying tickets to my previous life of the freebie thing....
And the WarDance is in my que. Looks good but then also a bit "reality tv who will win contest" like which i'm not a fan of.

stephanie said...

Retailers should also get rid of the fat mirrors and invest in some skinny mirrors.