Of note:

1) While walking Asher yesterday, two pre-pubescent girls were riding around the neighborhood on a four-wheeler, an honest-to-god, ride-on-trails-in-the-country four-wheeler. A) Who was supervising these girls? B)Can you ride full-sized four-wheelers on the sidewalk in the city? Keeping it hoosh in Epiphany Parish.

2) Three places to whom you should give your dining bidness in STL: Stellina Pasta Cafe, The Pitted Olive, and Niche. Through the good fortune of recently celebrating my birthday, I dined at all three in the past week. All three have insanely delicious food and are run by truly outstanding people who understand what friendly, attentive service is all about. I don't think there are nicer people out there in the restaurant business in STL than Mike and Melissa Holmes at the Pitted Olive. Every time I go there, Mike himself asks about our meal. Stellina is just a few blocks from our house, and it's been wonderful to see a cafe flourish in our neighborhood (and have a non-chain place to grab a latte). I had a lovely lunch there today with this lady. Niche, well, Niche speaks for itself. Truly a dining experience worth every penny. If my bar-and-grill loving, white-tablecloth hating husband can inquire as to when our next special occasion is so we can return, right after proclaiming Mathew Rice's infamous semifreddo s'mores dessert "the best dessert I've ever had", well, you have done me a bigger favor than you know, Gerard Craft.

3. Not going to BlogHer, unlike practically every other lady blogger in STL (boooooo), but I am going to DC on Monday for a week-long class on federal policymaking. The whole thing is hands-on, Capitol Hill-schmoozing, which will be cool, but the more I read about the behind-the-scenes action in DC, the more BS I think it is. Maybe this trip will change my mind, maybe I will take my hippie ass to Canada. Who knows? After DC, we're going straight to Minnesota, where we're spending the week at a lake house with my family. Upon my arrival back home on August 1, I will panic that I am still unemployed. You may or may not see me bartending at the Hideaway. Bitch got bills, bills, bills.

4. Not to mention a broken air conditioner. I'm not going to even go into how pissed I am about this. We're afraid to even call someone to come look, since when my good friend's AC shelled out, it was like 2Gs. As AI can attest, it's not too bad in our house, particularly in the basement, but I'll be damned if I start sweating the minute I get out the shower.

Things to twist panties about, probably tomorrow: RFT's Cougar article, The Dark Knight, Project Runway, what shows I want to go to (The Pageant just puked up my iPod on shuffle), the election.


Anonymous said...


I live around the Corner from Epiphany.



Gregg said...

In St. Louis county, those 4-wheelers are not supposed to be within 400ft of someone else's primary residence.

I learned this legal trivia when my neighbor kept tearing up the common ground behind my home...that I MAINTAIN!

It's actually part of the noise ordinances. I would think there would be a vehicle law, too.

This is now officially the dryest, most fact-based comment I've ever had!

stephanie said...

1. I've seen some white trash hoosier with a muscle tee riding a four-wheeler down my street. He was standing up, trying to be all cool and shiz. He wasn't wearing a helmet and that's just not safe. He must be from the same clan.

2. I concur; Stellina Pasta and Pitted Olive are tres magnifique! Dangit. Now I'm hungry.

3. I'll visit you at the Hideaway.

4. I need to jump on your bandwagon. I need some fun activites. Life's boring over here on Hoffman. All I do is exercise and eat all day.

Kathy said...

I'm not going to BlogHer either. I was priced out.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Barmaid wanted ---->
one piece outfits that look like two welcome.

Bob said...

I assume the pageant shows you're referring to are Ted Nugent, Motorhead, Hanson, and Frank Caliendo.

I'm totally right, aren't I?