Hell Yeah!

Jeff Smith wins! I mean, he really wins!

The news coverage was not very extensive from about 7-9 when Chris and I were at home, nor did it improve for about an hour after we went to the results party for Jeff, since they were reporting only about 1% of the votes, with Jeff leading by only four votes. But when the results came, they came with a vengeance. When 97% of polls had reported Jeff with a commanding lead, cheers went up at the party on Lindell. When his win was assured, Jeff came down and spoke, and I was moved to tears. He ended his victory speech with "I'm gonna take it to Matt Blunt." You might not understand: after 2004's elections, which were such a bummer, and after the World Cup this summer, I needed to be in a group setting that had something to cheer about other than a lone goal by Dempsey against Ghana. To me, this is so much more significant, and I was so glad to be a part of the positive vibe of the Smith campaign. I think so many young, educated people are so completely disillusioned by the false nature of American politics, and for a candidate like Jeff to win, someone who isn't going to play the political game, someone who is going to build a grassroots campaign through face-to-face contact and strong, passionate rhetoric, this is a small step, but huge locally, for a return to true democracy. Mark my words, for the internet to document for eternity, Jeff Smith will be a force to reckon with in politics, both locally and nationally, in years to come.

I was excited to see two people I know, both a current and a former colleague, at the results party. It was nice to know that there are people I know who are as passionate about local progressive politics, particularly those that feel that you can be a progressive AND a Dem (and be successful, as Jeff showed tonight). Plus, it's always nice to have a colleague you won't worry about offending with offhand semi-political remarks. Chris and I, plus these two people, celebrated the win with a few cocktails and a great discussion about STL politics.

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