I'm currently watching an old episode of Cops, circa mullets being the norm. Which is awesome. Officer, how is it typing those reports on your typewriter? Does your mustache get in the way?

Saturday night was the first ever, hopefully semi-annual HomeMade Trivia at our house. We had seven teams, ten categories, and one champion, the Champagne of Trivia, who rode home victory after an amazing 20/20 score in "Monster Ballads". Our friend Paul was like fucking Rainman of 80's metal. It was one of the most unbelievable things I've ever seen. Dan, member of C.O.T., has an amazing illustrated recap on his blog. I highly recommend you check it out. Thanks to all who came and were drunk, fun, and most of all, respectful. Nobody broke shit and the cops didn't come, even though we were using a microphone outside at 11PM. I guess when you are a grown-up that's how your shit rolls. Categories for the night included: Cardinals Trivia, IMDB, Assassinations, Crappy Beer Taste Test, Quotes from Movies I Own, Monster Ballads, Very Special Episodes, Celebrity Arrests, South City Bars, and Scientologist or Just Nuts? Highlights included Paul's aforementioned performance, Standard Trivia's 10/10 in South City Bars, the elevation of the drunk factor after the Crappy Beer Taste Test, and my sister-in-law walking to my mother-in-laws at 2AM. Good times. Second edition will hopefully happen this fall, where will expand to at least 12 teams.

Now, the cops are searching through all this stolen merchandise at a crack house. The shoulder-pad encrusted designer dresses that are showcased makes me glad I was about eight at the time.

VOTE TOMORROW. I will be working the polls at the South City Y from 6AM-10AM. Stop by and vote for Jeff Smith, if that's your polling place. 4th District--your vote really matters. If you want a truly progressive candidate who is not playing the BS-laden political game, vote for Jeff. I'll give you a ride if you want one.

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Dan Z. said...

Thanks again for the great time! And nice meeting y'all. If you ever wanna get a drink at the Lords & Ladies Hair salon give me a call.
Edgar Mevers