Let's Get It On

Rise and shine. Chris and I were at the South City Y on Sublette at 5:45AM this morning to work for Jeff Smith. At the Y from 6-10, there were three Jeff workers (me, Chris, and another kid), one Gambaro worker, Todd Patterson (Russ Carnahan's chief of staff), who was there for Carnahan, and Jim Frisella made an appearance. We were WAY more outgoing than the Gambaro worker, and I was surprised how receptive and friendly people were. Funny stories:
1) Gambaro himself walked up, and I was so used to approaching people that I said, "Excuse me, sir....oh, never mind" after I recognized his Phil Leotardo-looking ass. That exchanged cracked people up, but he just mean-mugged me. I don't give a fuck. I'd be crabby, too, if my poll worker was sitting on her ass.
2) A car pulled up, driven by an old lady, and another old lady got out. Chris offered her his chair while she waited for her friend to park the car. She declined, but said she was "tired from too much dancin' last night". When Chris asked her about Jeff, she said, "Hell yeah, I'm voting for Jeff!" and when he asked her if there was anything else he could help her out with, she said, "Maybe your phone number. Hey! That's my baby daddy, lady!
3)The manager of the Y yanked our sign (at the time, the only one present) out of the ground and was going to take it. Hell to the no. "The YMCA is not a political organization!" Uh, yeah, but it is a polling place, beeyotch. I just stood and held the sign. Found out later he also took down all the signs out on Sublette in front of the Y. Later, though, when Frisella, Gambaro, and Carnahan posted signs outside the Y, he passed without a word. Sign went back in the ground, although I think more people saw it when I was holding it.
4) My friend Michelle was working for Jeff over on Loughborough, and the Boykins worker (another 4th District State Senate Candidate) had a hired poll worker who was making $60. He actually said to Michelle "So what's the difference between the US Senate and the Missouri Senate?" For. Real.

By this time, I hope most of you have already voted, and voted for Jeff. We'll be watching the results, and heading to the results party for Jeff.

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