Rockin' Out

Last night we saw my beloved Ryan Adams at the Pageant. Several things went down that made it a great night. One, I knew the night would be better than usual when we got a parking space RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE PAGEANT. There was a line of like seventy people who just watched us pull up VIP style. Props to Rev Em, who spotted what we would have passed because there's no way normal people get this kind of parking.

So before the show, Rev Em, Chris, Susan and I went to PinUpBowl to have some drinks before the show, and who should walk by but Brian Dunn, former local celebrity in K-Ville as a sportscaster for KTVO News. We used to give this guy shit like no one's business. Once, Emily showed up at a party at her own house, wasted from going to a frat formal with an awkward date, to find this guy in the kitchen, the sight of which prompted her to ask, "How many local sportscasters can you fit in a kitchen anyway?" Which was awesome. So of course, we stalked him down the street and into the Pageant, where, after greeting Beth (the puker from Bob Schneider, who wasn't puking) yelled "BRIAN DUNN!!!" then ran upstairs. I love acting like a twelve-year-old.

On to the show. Setlist is as follows:

Peaceful Valley
Please Do Not Let Me Go
Dear Chicago
What Sin
A Kiss Before I Go
To Be Young
The End
Shakedown on 9th Street
Franklin's Tower
I See Monsters
Stella Blue
Beautiful Sorta
Lost Satellite
Dear John
Magnolia Mountain
Cold Roses
Bartering LInes
Madonna, Sean and Me

It was a rock show, for sure, depite the fact that he played with the Cardinals. It reminded me of Wilco, a band whose roots are alt-country but have gone rock with distortion in recent years. My favorites were Shakedown, Please Do Not Let Me Go, Beautiful Sorta, and To Be Young. Those were the songs (except for PDNLMG) that made me wish I was on the floor rockin' out. Every song just had a rock edge to it. I didn't expect like it as much as I did, because I really love Ryan's acoustic, naked, raw sounds, but this was just what I was in the mood for. Who can pull off covering Sonic Youth, the Dead, and Gram Parsons in one set? Ryan Adams, THAT'S WHO!

The best part of the show was Adams onstage persona. The last time I saw him, he really was a dick. Like he was so put out that he had to perform and fans just gave him angst. He has a reputation for acting as such. This time, he was, dare I say, affable? He chatted with the Cardinals, gave props to STL and the audience, and honored the STL scene by commenting "I love this place. So many fucking good bands come from here." Hell yeah. He also had on red sparkly heeled boots and said that he can't stop smelling like an onion factory. Oh. He played until 11:45, which apparently the Pageant didn't like, because they turned the lights on during his last song. Ouch. The last time I was at a show where that happened was 1994, and my principal pulled the plug on Local H at the middle school gym. LAME.

Anyway, I hope the show silenced the haters who think Adams is pure egotistical asshattedness, because I think he really showed his talent, versatility, and an actual likable personality. It's rumored that he's releasing three new discs in the next year. I will buy every one.

After the rockout, I had to get up hella early and spend the day with my StuCo, so I'm a little tired. I must watch Carrie and Austin do it on Days and then take a nap. Will Sami and Lucas walk in on them? I FUCKING HOPE SO!

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