Completely, completely random...

I am pretending to finish working on my doctoral application while Chris cleans the basement, but I'm really looking at the new Blogger and watching soaps. Of note:

1) Newman's Organics puts out great products, like fake Oreos that I used to make vegan cupcakes that were awesome. Those great products do not include their new dog treats, which are making Asher's farts reek worse than a hog confinement. Seriously, I can't even breathe through my shirt, it's invading my persona.

2) Days of our Lives update: something is going on with Belle, Shawn, Phillip, and Mimi, custody, babies...blah, blah, blah WHO CARES? The real news is that the old Phillip (pre-douchebag Kyle from The Real World) is back, and, in an awesome courtroom scene, peeled off a full head of facial bandages, then Victor explained that Phillip got a face transplant after he was hurt in Afghanistan. The greatest part, maybe, was that Belle was protesting how that couldn't possibly be Phillip, even though that bitch isn't anywhere near the original Belle. She's the third one. I love suspending disbelief, so that was pretty meta and sweet. TPTB must have known I was going to be off school today. So what happened with the douchebag? I don't know if he got fired or what, but from reading his blog he seems like a real peachy guy. Err, not. Misogyny and all-around asshattedness is so hot these days.

3) Chris and I, on a whim, started rewatching every episode of Carnivale. Sigh. Why was it cancelled? Why? It's so fucking good. The opening credits is probably the most badass intro to a television show, ever.

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