Holiday Recap

I had a great holiday break, which was rudely interrupted by school yesterday. Alarm clock are a bitch. The highlights/commentary:

*DMI was great. Good family time. My brother Andrew got his First Real Job working for the Miller distributor in Des Moines. Consequently, my house only has MGD and High Life bottles. So, it's kind of like the Champagne of Trivia is sponsored by the Champagne of Beers. I saw an old guy almost die at my brothers' favorite bar, and came to the conclusion that my life would be infinitely better if I could drive around and chill with my brother Jake on the regular. Grandma Best, like the baller she is, decided to sell her Wal-Mart stock and the whole family benefited.

* I hung out with Pogge, Schuler, and Ness. We tried to avoid all other UHS alums, but people pay homage like we are godfathers, which, since we bought a lot of younger friend beer back int he day, I guess we are. Had great times with other randoms from HS, so, all in all, a good visit.

* Drank a lot and chilled a lot, college style, with my dinner club friends, as we spent an entire day gossiping, knitting, and watching the THS: Hugh Hefner and Little People, Big World, then won Lemmons Trivia Night.

* New Years was off the chain at Meghan's and Paul's. Recipe for fun: Guitar Hero, Chubby Bunny, Ice Block holding contest, Scene It, dance party featuring late 90's rap. Emily and Dan were crowned Mr. & Mrs New Year, mainly because they were the only ones who wanted to hold blocks of ice and shove marshmallows in their craws.

* Caught up with other old friends, namely Mike Cannon at Blackthorn/Friendly's and Charlie and Kim tonight at Bottleworks. There's nothing like old friends, beer, and good conversations.

* Keep my friend Ness in your thoughts. His brother Jason, only two years younger than us, passed away unexpectedly yesterday from a brain aneurysm. I was pretty close with their family in high school and they are great people facing a tragic loss.

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paul said...

glad you had a good time at our new years party.

now on to win the world series of pop culture. $250,000!!!!!!!