Supreme Trivia Knowledge

Won Lemmon's Trivia Night for the second time in three weeks. No big. I'd highly recommend you check it out on the nights our team, Dry Cold Canadian Winter, doesn't go. It's free; the winner of each round gets a free pitcher, and the overall winner gets a case of beer and a free pizza, the same wonderful pizza served at Blackthorn. You also get to decorate a whiteboard with whatever your team wants. This was great because Dan was on our team, so we got a pretty professional illustration. After he drew the board, the trivia lady came over to get it. The trivia guy came over to her and said, "What took them so long?" She replied, "Uh, it's pretty fucking sweet." Dan drew a maple leaf tazering that news anchor, Larry Conners, who got tazered not too long ago (which was a trivia question). Tonight's categories: Russia, Current Events, Disney Movies, Meet Me In St Louis, and Computer Acronyms. I contributed not a whole lot except I was really, really certain that The Mighty Ducks came out in '92. And that Dick Van Dyke's character in Mary Poppins was named Bert. Chim-chimeree!


Susan said...

This could turn out to be a little cottage industry for us.

Shanananaa said...

And you did not say that you couldn't have done it without the late arrival of shannon and not helping on one question.....you're welcome