A Cossssby Sweater

Swear I'm working on the Punxytawney post. I've been crazy busy: paper due today, buttloads (yes, BUTTLOADS) of reading to do, grading, and other miscellaneous prep for Minneapolis this weekend. Can I vent about that? What up with American Airlines, with whom I have flown faithfully all through this long-distance venture, tripling their prices from St Louis to Minneapolis this weekend? I can't fly direct for less than a grand. I ain't got that kind of scrilla, for real. So I'm going to traipsing around the country trying to connect to Minneapolis and still paying out the ass, knowing damn well that my normal return flight only has five people in it. GRRRR.

Spent a nice weekend mostly with Chris. Went out to eat with our friends Christine and Joe at Off the Vine on Hampton on Saturday, a very spur-of-the-moment, very expensive venture. The food was spectacular, the service, not so much. Try it for lunch before you commit to dinner. Also spent too much money at Euclid Records, where we purchased the new Jack Johnson and Gary Louris on vinyl and the new Drive By Truckers on CD. I could spend an entire paycheck in that joint as it totally reminds me of the record shop in High Fidelity.

Also, saw The Namesake and Art School Confidential this weekend. Yes, it was the weekend of 2006 movies. So what if we're behind? We loved the former and were just kind of meh about the latter. The plot was pretty obvious without being developed in any way. Also saw Paris Je T'aime, which was great and I would highly recommend. I might even use it in my classroom to show how microfiction works.

Sorry, I'm boring today, because I've got a lot to do. Which I am procrastinating doing by writing this.

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meg. c said...

Paris Je T'aime - one of my favorites.

Paul and I hit up Off the Vine a few weeks ago for lunch and accidently gave us the dinner menu when we first sat - totally not my thing. The same chick was our waitress (same being the same from when you and christine and i went) and she is slow as shit. ugh.