Sweet Asshole Encounter

So after Chris and I went to see Persepolis, we stopped off at Racanelli's to pick up a pizza. As we waited for the pizza, we drank a beer, talked about the movie, and people watched. There was a family of four with two kids, probably 3 and 7 or so, whose pizza was delivered while we were waiting. After a few minutes, the mom waved the young employee over who delivered the pizza and said, really snottily.

"My kids really love cheese, and there's a big bubble here on this piece with no cheese. Can you put more cheese on it and put it back in the oven?"

It wasn't like the kids were sharing a little pizza and this perfectly-normal pizza-dough bubble was bogarting half of the surface area of said pizza. They had a fat large pizza. If you can't ease your kids into the indignities of life by giving them the fucking bubble piece of pizza and telling them to get over and be thankful that they have pizza to eat at all as opposed to a fly living on their mouth, then I sincerely hope I never have to teach your kids.

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The Beautiful Kind said...

Now THAT'S entitlement. Can you imagine if a tornado took out her house? She would be having some SERIOUS words with God, and he damn well better listen and fix it!