Monday Mornings and the Groundhog

Well, I have returned from Punxsutawney, and boy do I have stories to tell. That would involve me uploading pictures and processing the surrealness that was Groundhog Day. While I work on that, and, you know, stuff for my real job, go ahead and check out the shiteousness that is Heidi Montag's (from The Hills, like, duh) "music" video. This cannot be for real, can it? It was on Yahoo! Entertainment.


Karaoke Diva said...

Thanks for the veggie-related comments. I don't think you've quite sold me on the broccoli, but I know I need to be more open minded. I'm not 5, after all. ;-)

Stuck in my head said...

I don't know why, but I really expected more from the video. Maybe since she's hella rich and, with her being connected to the show, should have been able to use the production company to make it more interesting. Not even any cameos from the other cast members. But I guess when you suck that bad, no one wants to be a part... not even her 'friends'.

Gregg said...

Didn't they used to do a Groundhog Day at the St. Louis Zoo? Would that groundhog be more accurate for our area...because I'm tired of the cold and ice and ready for Spring. Things didn't work out so well with that other groundhog.