It's hard coming back to reality after a four-day weekend. I took Friday (which was a development day) off to go to Minneapolis. Because of the previously-mentioned ridiculosity (TM me) of American Airlines, over two days, I was in four different airports flying three different carriers. Good times. Between Delta, American, and Northwest, Delta treated me least like cattle. They still give out peanuts and their seats are comfier. The Atlanta airport is horrible. I will never fly through there if I can help it. I also spent an inordinate amount of time perusing SkyMall, which, if you have never looked at it, contains possibly the largest collection of completely useless stuff in the developed world. I am actually going to do a post on it so you can see what rich folk spend their money on. In any event, I breathed enough stale air (and fart-laden air on one flight) to last me for at least another month, hopefully two.

School was really good--looking at analyzing problems using economic and political lenses and talking about political constructions. My cohort class really meshes well with my other class, Policy Development, so it's pretty cool to further understand how public policy works and how that may influence or even create problems. I may get to go to Washington this summer for a week-long policy class that meets on Capitol Hill, depending on how work schedules play out.

I got home around 10 on Saturday and hung out with Chris for the rest of the weekend, just relaxing around our house. We went and saw Persepolis, which I thought was awesome. I would highly recommend you go see it or at least read the graphic novels. It's funny and sad and gives a unique voice to the social history of contemporary Iranians. We also saw 3:10 To Yuma, which was good if you like westerns, so-so if you're just meh about them like us.

Last night on a whim, Chris and I committed to watching network television despite the fact that we don't actively watch any of the shows that are on Mondays. I seriously think I am dumber for that. The choices (I'm just guesstimating the titles): American Gladiators, My Dad Is Better Than Your Dad, Paradise Hotel 2 (?), Two and a Half Men, Carrie vs. Bruno: Dance Wars, Knight Rider the remake, Gossip Girl, the new season of that Pussycat Dolls show, & Prison Break. That is some unremarkable shit right there. Seriously, those shows make The Biggest Loser look like Masterpiece Theatre.

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...Banter said...

skymall is the shit. anytime i'm asked what i want for xmas/birthday: gift certificate to skymall! it's your one-stop-shop for life's bare essentials.