Somebody Stop This Train

I'm a blogging fiend today. I couldn't let the day go by without linking to this unintentionally hilarious interview with Heidi from the Hills, full of such gems as this:

How would you describe the sound of the record so far?
You can’t really describe it. It’s like its own genre of music. A little bit of it is hip-hop, some of it’s very…the best way to say it is that all of the songs make you want to dance. It’s all so amazing, and each song is totally different. Every one is like a genre of its own.

God bless you, Trent, for bringing this to my attention today.

My advice: watch the video I linked to earlier, read the article. Laugh hysterically. Make parody video. Post on YouTube. Become famous.


Susan said...

Grab your bikini and camcorder and we'll film it either on the riverfront or down in the River des Peres.

Rebecca said...

when did music stop being about art?