Thanks to Feministing for the heads up on this article about how us cracker Westerners aren't birthin' 'nuff babies to preserve our righteous heritage. Damnit, we need more people on this planet. Can't y'all be more like the Duggars?

The Nation has a brief article on debunking the myth of the "cult of Obama", the media-induced notion that all of us Obama supporters have drank the Kool-Aid.

The Sunday Times "A Night Out With" featured Brian K. Vaughan, writer of Y: The Last Man (probably my all-time favorite comics not drawn by Dan Zettwoch) who is also a co-producer of Lost, as he toasts the last issue of Y: The Last Man. Better get down to Star Clipper this weekend and finish the series.

Have y'all seen the press for this: Rothbury, a "music festival revolution" taking place over the 4th in Michigan. I'd be totally down for this sustainability-focused event with a great lineup of artists and events, but the 4th is my mom's 50th birthday, my parents' 30th wedding anniversary, and possibly my ten-year reunion. Plus the sweet Americana/early morning sanctioned drinking of the Urbandale 4th of July parade.


Christine (a.k.a. Mom) said...

hey! i know dan zettwoch! well, not like best friends but more like 6 degrees of separation....my friend, andrew robbins (science center graphic artist, reg. graphic artist, comic artist, artist, etc.) is a friend of dan's and used to also work with him at x-plane in soulard. so i met him a few times at parties, art shows, etc. dan does great work.

KBO said...

Me, too. We became friends through a mutual friend and go to trivia and the like occasionally. At Lemmon's, when you win trivia night, you draw your team's name on this whiteboard and it stays up until the next week. Once we won with Dan on our team and he drew an illustration of Larry Connors getting tazed. It was pretty sweet.

Jaelithe said...

If certain people are so freaked out about being "overrun" by fertile immigrants, maybe they should consider championing women's education, women's liberation, free condoms and access to health care around the world.

Just a thought ;)