Monday Thoughts of Little Consequence

Well, I'm probably going to go into blog hibernation for a few. Today is the first legal day of practice for spring sports in Missouri, so girls soccer is in full swing as of 3:15 today. This means that I will be busy after school every day from now until the middle of May, making girls run until they puke. For those of you who don't know me other than through my blog, I used to coach boys and girls soccer at our (tiny) high school, but I gave up boys this year because I started my doctoral work. Not that I don't love the boys, but the girls is another deal, and I wanted to see how my schedule worked out in the fall before I committed to girls. I decided that I wanted to coach spring and that we needed the money. Unfortunately, I'm really busy with school right now, too, so my schedule is basically work, soccer, school from here until May. Bummer. You'll know I'm procrastinating if I post.

Also discovered that my iPod was stolen, again, from work, sometime last week, but I'm not sure when. My fault, since I shouldn't have had it at school after the first theft, but I really was using it for some podcasts for Creative Writing. There are some straight thieves up in this bitch. Luckily, I have almost all of my newer music on my laptop, but I'll be starting over again whenever I get a new iPod, which is so soul-suckingly depressing that I can't even think about it. Good thing I'm getting a tax refund right quick. Why buy the new oven you need when you can buy a new iPod to replace the one stolen from you by the kids you are trying to help? Accepting cash donations. I'm about the pass the hat right in the hallway.

But, I can't complain, seeing as I worked 2 1/2 days last week and I'm going to Drive By Truckers on Friday night.